1. What is Hepalyse® W?

Hepalyse® W is a liver hydrolysate supplement health care product from Japan to bring your liver healthy, formulated to support your body’s normal metabolism after drinking alcohol. Hepalyse® W was designed for those who like to enjoy alcohol without the uncomfortable effect of a hangover. It has also an anti-fatigue effect even to non-alcoholic drinker that will give you the good energy on the next day. If you have any kidney disease, consult your doctor before use.

2. How does it work?

Most people are exhausted from overtime work and social drinking, during alcohol consumption, the liver converts the alcohol into acetic aldehyde which is the major cause of a hangover. Hepalyse® W reduces its level in the body to prevent the next morning hangover and fatigue.

3. What is its shelf life?

There’s a expiry date stamped on the bottle and packaged.

4. What is the size of the product?

Available in 100ml per bottle as a single serve shot and in pastille type as need to take 2 tablets a day.

5. Where and how can I buy this product?

Hepalyse® W can buy directly here on hepalyse.sg website and also available on some e-commerce platform Redmart, Sake.Sg and UrbanFox.

6.What are the ingredients of this product?

Hepalyse® W Beverage

Liver extract —100mg Turmeric extract —54mg Black pepper extract —1mg Niacin(nicotinamide) —12mg Vitamin B6 —6.5mg Vitamin B2 —4.5mg

Hepalyse® W Pastille Type

Liver extract —100mg Turmeric extract —30mg Black pepper extract —1mg Niacin(nicotinamide) —10mg Vitamin B6 —5mg Vitamin B2 —2mg

7. How should I use Hepalyse® W?

Must drink the entire bottle or take 2 tablets before taking alcohol drink or before going to bed.

8. Are there any side effects after consuming the product?

There’s no side effect. It’s made will all safe ingredients.

9. Who can have this product?

15 years of age and above can take Hepalyse® W.

10. How does it taste?

Hepalyse® W it has a fresh pineapple flavour.

11. Do I drink all at once?

Yes, for best result consume 1 bottle 100ml before taking alcohol drink or before going to bed

12. How do I store Hepalyse® W?

Hepalyse® W should be stored at room temperature. We recommend keeping it refrigerated. Please do not freeze the product or expose it to prolonged sunlight and heat.

13. Where is Hepalyse® W manufactured?

Hepalyse® W products are produced and bottled manufactured by Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Chuo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN.

14. Can I drink or take Hepalyse® W while under medication?

We highly suggest to talk to your doctor before use.

15. Can I still take Hepalyse® W even if I’m only having a few drinks?

Hepalyse® W will provide your body with detoxifying minerals and vitamins which will support liver health and improve body function.


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